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Welcome to the website of Discovery Park, a community of 207 homes, part of the lovely Southport Master Association development in south Anchorage, Alaska.  Surrounded by several mountain ranges and sitting at the top of Cook Inlet, within minutes of the Ted Stevens International Airport and downtown Anchorage, we are both scenic and conveniently located, a wonderful place to call "home."
~ Messages ~
OPEN POSITION ON THE DPOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS:   Mike Furman has submitted his resignation as Treasurer and Director stating that due to his job requirements he no longer has the time to devote to the duties of Director and Treasurer.  The Board will receive nominations for his position through February 14, 2018 with the intent of filling the position at the Board's regular meeting on February 21, 2018.   Mike has agreed to continue to serve on the Board until that time.  The Treasurer's  duties include review of the financial records, check signing and serving as the boards eyes and ears for our financial status and needs including help in preparing the budget and reserve needs.  Those desiring to apply for the position of Director and Treasurer should use the 'Contact Us' page on the website  (  Director positions are open to owners only.  In submitting your name you should let us know what unit you own, what your background and occupation is or has been, why you wish to serve on the Board and why you feel qualified for this position.   It should be noted that Mike's term expires at the 2018 Annual Meeting at which time the Owners will elect two Directors.  The person filling Mike's position will be able to stand for election at that time.  Naturally, like all Directors or Officers, the position is a volunteer position without compensation.
Single Family and Duplex residents are reminded that vehicles are to be parked in their garage or in driveways. On street parking is allowed for no longer than 24 hours at a time, nor more than 48 hours a week.
Parking is permitted on only one side of the street to allow for emergency vehicle access. Vehicles parked on the wrong side of the street or in violation of No Parking areas will be towed without notice at their owners’ expense.
Due to several complaints and hazardous conditions created for the neighborhood, enforcement of these rules will be increased.
NO ONE wants to get towed, nor does the HOA want to have cars towed. It makes for a bad day! Following the rules which everyone agreed to when we moved into this community avoids the problem.  Please be considerate of others and THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.
ATTENTION DOG WALKERS:  One of our neighbors on the end of Discovery View Drive, backing on the green space where trails are open to the public, reports that suspicious fish was left, possibly to bait his dog.  Persons walking dogs are cautioned to be on the look out for abandoned meat that could pose a serious threat to their dogs.  Rules require that dogs be on a leash.  Dogs allowed to run could find such meat and eat it without their owner being aware of it.  Please exercise caution for your pets' sake and report anything suspicious.  Thank you.
OUR THANKS to Carol Reed and Neal Therrien for the Discovery Park photos used in the slide show on our Home Page.  We will be changing that four times a year (with the seasons).  If you have photos you would like to share, send them to the webmaster.  We can use up to ten for each slide show.  You will note that the window they must fit into is wide and short so the subject needs to be centered with a good deal of empty space.  It may look small to you, but when the techs center it in the window it will zoom in on the center of the picture.  If you have difficulty sending photos via the Contact Us page, send them as attachments to  Label them as Discovery Park photos in your email.  Thank you for your help!
WINTER SNOW REMOVAL:  For information, click on Winter Prep

YOUR HELP NEEDED:  When the Reeds purchased an ACU Unit they received the Declaration, By-Laws and Rules & Regulations for Discovery Park Owners Association but when they moved in they quickly discovered a host of unanswered questions.  Later, based on their experience, they developed a Welcome Letter for others moving into their complex.  We would like to do something similar for ALL our newcomers.  If you are one of our newcomers (or remember what it was like) could you email our Association secretary with things you wish you had known?   Be sure to include whether you moved into an apartment, duplex or single.  We will use this information to create a Welcome Letter/Packet tailored for new arrivals to each unit type.   Willing to serve on a committee to put together such a letter/packet?  Include that in the letter!


~ Upcoming Events ~
DP Owners Meeting for Ratification of 2018 Budget
Wednesday, January 17th, 6:30pm at Bayshore Clubhouse, 3131 Amber Bay Loop, Anchorage 99515
Discovery Park Owners will meet to ratify the 2018 Budgets.  The Single/Duplex Budget will be voted on by the S/D unit owners.  The ACU budget will be voted on by the ACU (apartments) owners.  The Common Budget will be voted on by all owners.  A copy of the meeting packet distributed to owners is available by clicking on the link below.
Executive Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 17th, 7:30pm at Bayshore Clubhouse
Immediately following the Owners' Budget Meeting the Executive Board will meet for the regular January meeting.  Click on the link below to see the agenda.

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