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Welcome to the website of Discovery Park, a community of 207 homes, part of the lovely Southport Master Association development in south Anchorage, Alaska.  Surrounded by several mountain ranges and sitting at the top of Cook Inlet, within minutes of the Ted Stevens International Airport and downtown Anchorage, we are both scenic and conveniently located, a wonderful place to call "home."
~ Messages ~
Shannon Redmond has resigned from the Discovery Park Owners Association Board of Directors.  Shannon occupied term "E" on the Board which is scheduled to expire at the Annual Meeting in 2020.  The Board of Directors is seeking interested applicants for an interim appointment to the position until the Annual Meeting in October of 2018 at which time that person will need to stand for election by the Owners for the remaining two years.   This is a working Board and a busy time of the year as we work on several issues important to the future of the Association including the Audit, Reserves Analysis, 2019 Budget, By-Law Revisions and more.  Board meetings are held monthly with several items sent out in advance to Directors for review prior to and at the meetings.  In keeping with the Declaration and By-Laws of our Association, this Board is committed to maintaining open communications with Owners along with open Board meetings, and seeks Directors who are committed to that concept.  The regular and timely posting of minutes, notices, monthly newsletters as well as the move to monthly meetings which are announced and open to Owners, is all evidence of that commitment.
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for June 27 at which time the Board hopes to be able to make the appointment of an interim Director.  If interested in serving on the Board, please submit your name, some information about yourself, and why you would like to serve on the Board, to our President, Bob Kniefel at by June 15th.   As a guide, click on the Application link below.
APPLICATION TO MAKE ALTERATIONS TO THE EXTERIOR OF YOUR UNIT  While Owners are free to make normal modifications to the inside of their units, changes to the exterior, to decks, fencing, etc., require a written application and approval by the Board of Directors as these are "Common Elements" under the control of the Association and governed by the Rules set forth by the Association.  Rule of thumb: If in doubt, ask.  For a downloadable copy of an Application to make modifications click on the link below.  
NEED HELP LOGGING INTO YOUR ACCOUNT?  If you are having trouble logging into your account, click on the "Contact Us" menu in the bottom left column.  Select "Webmaster"    The Webmaster will be able to reset your profile and send you Login instructions.   Once logged in you will be able to navigate and download documents and reports.

~ Upcoming Events ~
Friday, June 1st to Wednesday, June 20th at Discovery Park Community
Painting of Discovery Park units by EUROPA will begin on Friday, June 1st and continue until completed.  There are six painters so the work should move right along.   We will try to keep you posted about where they are working but, so you can plan, this is the order that we have been given:
1. Discovery Park Drive West Side
2. Discovery Park Drive East Side
3. Discovery View Drive West Side & Discovery Bay Drive South Side
4. Discovery View Drive East Side
5. Discovery Bay Drive North Side
6. Discovery View Drive - Dead End
7. Apartment Building #11324
8. Apartment Building #11351
Work to be done:
Single/Duplex Units:  ALL front porch trim and risers, ALL columns, front & back door trim, ALL front porches & steps, 28 single family back decks, 14 duplex back decks, 93 duplex back deck wrap trim. 
NOTE: Painters will remove items from decks to paint.  Owners are responsible for putting them back.    The numbers are not even because some work was done two years ago by another contractor, but not finished and some was unsatisfactory.  Thus, the irregular numbers represent work either not done at that time or not done to satisfaction.  At the start of work the contractor will give us a list of which decks and front porches are being done and we will post it.  We have asked the workers to knock and let you know they are working on your building.  Cost: $55,110
Apartment Complex Units:  Stain Entry structures, metal brackets, railings; ALL unit deck floors & ALL unit deck trim.  Cost $30.000
This contract was approved last year but due to a late start it was carried over to this summer.  Colors will remain the same.  A high quality transparent oil-based stain will be used.
NOTE:  Due to the weather sensitive nature of this work, crews will be working through the weekends, weather permitting.
Wednesday, June 27th, 5:30 PM at VP Tom McKay's home, 11435 Discovery View Drive
The June meeting of the Board of Directors has been moved from June 20 to June 27 in order to maintain the required quorum of four directors.   If you would like to attend or have business you would like considered at the meeting, please contact President Bob Kniefel at    Click on the link below to see the agenda.