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Welcome to the website of Discovery Park, a community of 207 homes, part of the lovely Southport Master Association development in south Anchorage, Alaska.  Surrounded by several mountain ranges and sitting at the top of Cook Inlet, within minutes of the Ted Stevens International Airport and downtown Anchorage, we are both scenic and conveniently located, a wonderful place to call "home."
~ Messages ~
FOR MORE INFORMATION PERTINENT TO OWNERS and residents, please go to the left hand column MEMBERS section and select "Member Notices."
NEED HELP LOGGING INTO YOUR ACCOUNT?  If you are having trouble logging into your account, click on the "Contact Us" menu in the bottom left column.  Select "Webmaster"    The Webmaster will be able to reset your profile and send you Login instructions.   Once logged in you will be able to navigate and download documents and reports.
Under contract with the Board of Directors, Discovery Park is managed by Cantrell Real Estate & Property Management.   When needing assistance with Association related matters, using the following email addresses will send your request to the proper person:   Use this address if your email is regarding your payment account and monthly billing.  Use this address if you email concerns permits, forms, or applications for architectural changes to your Unit.  Use this address if you wish to report the need for repair or maintenance of common or limited common areas that are the responsibility of the Association.  As a general rule, with a few exceptions, most things within your Unit are the Owner’s responsibility; most things outside of your Unit are the Association’s responsibility.  The Association Manager is Laura Cantrell.  Use this address if you wish to report a matter or have a question for the Manager.
WHY USE EMAIL???  Cantrell REPM handles more than our Association.  As a result, your phone call may find them driving to a location or involved in the business of management.  In such instances phone calls may be misunderstood or forgotten.  Your email provides both you and management with a written record of your communication, enabling them to pass it on to the proper person, or contact you for more information.  Be sure to include your Unit address and that you are part of Discovery Park.
WHEN SHOULD I CALL???  If it is an Association related EMERGENCY, call 907-268-2340 and follow the directions for reporting an emergency.  An Association emergency is when something is broken that needs immediate attention (fire hydrant has been hit, an elevator in an apartment building is out of order, etc.).
CALL 911 for all personal emergencies (fire, medical, criminal activity, etc.).

~ Upcoming Events ~
Annual ACU Fire Systems Service & Inspection
Thursday, July 25th, 8:00am at 11324 & 11351 Discovery View Drive
The annual fire inspection and service of fire systems will take place on Thursday, July 25 this year.  During this time, per our governing documents, each apartment unit will need to be made available for inspection.  This is a fire safety requirement.  If Owner/residents are away on that day, they must make arrangements with a neighbor, friend, or relative to make the apartment available for inspection.  The person responsible and their contact information should be sent to  Be certain to include your building and apartment number.  If you cannot find anyone to do so, you may make arrangements for access to your apartment with management.  Contact Accounting@CantrellREPM for instructions on how best to do this.  You have a full month to prepare so everyone should be able to make the necessary arrangements.
SCHEDULE:  On Thursday, July 25, 2024, work and inspections will begin first at building 11324 at 8:00am.  The testing of alarms is scheduled for 10:30am at building 11324.  From building 11324 the team will move to building 11351, working on the equipment and inspecting sprinkler heads, etc.  Alarms are scheduled to be tested at Noon at building 11351, but work and inspections should begin before then.  Pets with sensitive hearing may need special provision on that day.  Naturally, this is the "schedule."   If problems are encountered, there may be delays.
This is a required inspection of building-wide fire systems the Association is responsible for maintaining.  The sprinkler heads in both the common areas and in each apartment are part of that system.  When the inspector enters each apartment he will only be looking at the sprinkler heads in each room and closet, including the deck and boiler room, to see that they are in working condition and unobstructed.   This should take no more than five minutes.  If the owner/resident is not present, an Association representative will accompany the inspector.  We make the following suggestions:
1) Check the sprinkler heads in your closets to see that they are unobstructed by boxes and other objects.  They can only do their job if they are able to spray the entire area with water.
2) The inspector will need access to your deck and boiler room.  Make certain they are unlocked and the pathway to the boiler room is clear.
3)  The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your unit are your responsibility to maintain.  If you haven't already, this may be a good time for the annual changing of the batteries.   While checking the batteries you may also want to look for the detector's date of manufacture.  Most are only good for ten years, after which time the mechanism that detects smoke or carbon monoxide is considered ineffective.  It is possible now to purchase units that are equipped with 10-year batteries.
4) The Association provides extinguishers in the common areas, not in the apartments.  You are also responsible for any fire extinguishers in your apartment.  If you have extinguishers in your apartment, this is a good time to check their dates and see if they need to be replaced.  Replacements should be readily available at any of the 'big box' stores or area hardware stores.
Your attention to these matters will help assure your safety, and the safety of your neighbors.
ACU Vent Cleaning
Wednesday, August 21st to Thursday, August 22nd at 11324 & 11351 Discovery View Drive
Moore Heating will be cleaning the ACU vents August 21-22.  All work will be done from the outside so you will not need to provide access.  Just don 't be surprised if there are people on ladders around your windows, etc.  Reminder:  dryer filters and exhaust hoses connecting to the wall are the responsibility of the owner/resident to clean and maintain.   Every few years the Association cleans the external screens and ducts that are within the walls; anything within the Unit is the responsibility of the owner/resident.  The last cleaning was in 2020.

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